August 25, 2012

Some effects of long term weave and relaxer use

August 14, 2012

Weaves and Relaxers

I'm wondering why black women spend so much $ on their hair, with weave and relaxers we spend so much time and effort not knowing the real damage. We relax our hair with breaks down the bonds in our hair to make it "behave" that itself is the reason a lot of us can't retain length. So many women wear weave not just black women but these sew-ins are aiding in the destruction of your hair. You break down the bonds which leaves your hair more susceptible to damage and then you braid it tightly and leave it alone for a month without moisture and the proper care plus you're not properly removing the weave and braids which leads to more damage. If you properly take care of your hair even relaxers aren't as damaging but let's not forget you're risking scalp burn, split ends, and breakage just to make your hair "easier to deal with. Get to know your natural hair it's not as rough as you think. Most black women don't know their hair's full potential because so much time and energy has gone into damaging and destroying. I'm going to dedicate a lot more of my posts educating black women on their hair potential with or without relaxers.

July 7, 2012

Common Essay Questions and How to Handle Them - Fastweb

Common Essay Questions and How to Handle Them - Fastweb Scholarship Essay Contest - Fastweb Scholarship Essay Contest - Fastweb

June 17, 2012

Another New Word: Porch Monkey

PorchMonkey (Can be one word or two) - A new derogatory term to describe any form of ratchet (unfavorable) behavior. Enjoy this guys lol

June 14, 2012

My Grammar Rant

I may not be the spelling bee champ or the an English professor but it seriously seems like it compared to a lot of people. There seems to be a lack of grammar skills among the youth and it's getting out of hand. I need the teachers to sit down and explain to some of you that "You a" is not correct it should read "You're* A." The fact that a lot of you are parents and you don't know that to and too aren't interchangeable is atrocious. You can't be on twitter calling someone all kinds of ugly but you don't know basic grammar. Another thing that grinds my gears is that there are people older than I a that do not know how to properly use they're, their, or there. It is the saddest thing in America we are failing our children by not educating them. A lot of them think school isn't important and that internet celebrity will bring the success and for that I have to blame the Illuminati because it's all a conspiracy.

June 7, 2012

Marley and Asher

This is something I started today. Unsure what I want to do with it but I like where it's going.

Why am I so sad? It’s like the tears have their own agenda. They know what I can’t tell myself and they’re taking the pain I refuse to feel with them. I can’t stop these tears, whatever was holding them back is gone and now all there’s two streams running down my face and trickling off of my chin. These tears are determined to escape and I’m helpless to stop them. I can’t do anything but cry for these unknown causes or do I know what I’m crying for and I’m just too pained to acknowledge it. I’m hiding in the bathroom sitting on the toilet running water in the sink so that he doesn’t here the sobs I’m helpless to stop. I cry and sob and after a couple minutes they’ve calmed enough that I wipe my tears and return to my living room. As soon as I get down the stairs and Asher sees me. He knows. “What’s wrong?” He asks “Nothing” I say. I try to move past him and reclaim my spot on the couch but he grabs me before I can sit. “Marley, what’s wrong?” He asks again. I look into his eyes but I can’t answer him. How can I tell him what’s wrong when I, myself do not even know? “Nothing” I say again and lay my head on his shoulder. I shouldn’t have done that. As soon as my head comfortably rests against his shoulders my eyes flood, the streams start, and the trickling begins.

June 6, 2012


Yesterday 387 dropped and I had to give it a listen since I know 1/2 of the duo that put it together. Steven and Noel were college roommates this past school year. They are rising sophomores at Swarthmore College, which is a very small prestigious college 11 miles outside of Philadelphia. The acceptance rate for this school is 16.1% so these boys are definitely intelligent.

The music is really good especially since this is Steve's first project. Noel on the other hand has done two other albums and is also a slam poet so he knows his way around a mic. It has a nice mellow feel to it. All the songs have to do with food which made me hungry so as I listened to this piece of work I had some Jerk chicken to keep me company (mmmmm). These two are definitely talented and have a lot of potential. I asked Steve "What was the inspiration for this work?"

Steve: "First our inspiration in making this project at first wasnt even to release it. Noel was my roommate and I came into the room with a verse to Otis and he really liked it then he wrote to it from there we just picked beats that we really liked and from there 387 and LeftOvers was born."

I asked Steve about his rapping and his goals his response was:

"Uhmm I've been a rapper since about the start of high school but mostly to myself writing rhymes spitting them for fun nothing serious. But when I came to college I wanted to actually make something that people could listen to just to see what they thought but mostly to tell a story I believe needs to be told. So yeah thats mostly what we about we are minority males in college and we wanna do alot things with our lives but we also want to make an impact and right now music is considered a voice of a generation so we want to stand for those 90s kids who grow up watching Rugrats and enjoyed that era. Our goal is to be that voice and I think we can do alot the sky is the limit from here for us, from here though I am working developing beats so getting more involved in production because we really dont wanna rap on other people's beats we want to be completely original so we are doing that and come the fall we will be back in the studio (located on our campus) recording our first EP its gonna be really cool we already got a interesting, chill, cool concept for it."

Well I say take a listen and judge for yourself, two young men with a mind to take over. Give them a chance.

Download 387's Debut mixtape LeftOvers here

Follow Steve on Twitter

June 5, 2012

Iggy Azalea

Download her mixtape "Ignorant Art" here I don't listen to Rap and Hip-Hop all the time but when I do I choose the oddest of choices. I started listening to Iggy Azalea a month of two ago. Well I started because I saw her on Hip Hop Point of View and I decided to cyber stalk her. Now Don't look at me like I'm a crazy fan I just like to cyber stalk musicians before I listen to them I'm not sure why. I usually just look at their real name and their discography. I really like Iggy because she's new and when you look at her you wouldn't expect half the things that comes out of her mouth. She's Australian but has strong southern influences in her music. I say give her a chance. She's new and edgy and herself. It also doesn't hurt that she's a blonde bombshell with a video vixen body. I look forward to her debut album "The New Classic" I haven't seen a release date for it yet. Also an EP "Glory" is set to be released soon.

How much is too much?

As a reformed shopaholic I indulge in internet browsing every now and then. I was just shoe shopping online..well not really shopping it was more like wishful thinking. The Lucky Brand Wedges are so cute but are they worth $100? I say yes and they are currently on my wish list, size 10 please. These Platform Pumps are cute but are they worth $500? It seems as though the more expensive something is the uglier it is. I would spend $100 on some cute wedges but $500 on some plain pumps is out of the question but that's just me.

May 25, 2012

What a Friday!

Today in the middle of me filling out my usual 10 job applications per day. I was using my best friend Google to learn about some topics I was interested in. I started with learning about how much fruits and vegetables I should eat per day (2 cups of fruit and 2.5 cups of veggies.) I also looked into natural sunscreen and found some promising results with this brand Goddess Garden I also found some tips for maintaining healthy skin without products. It's what you're doing that's affecting your skin not necessarily the products you use. Healthy Skin. I was just browsing and tweeting until I decided to view UrbanBushBabes this blog that I am totally in love with. It's run by Ciprian and Nikisha two beautiful women with a whole lot of information everything from the arts to the sciences. Their Youtube Channel led me to their website where whenever I have a question about my hair or even inspiration I use their search box and type one word. Today I was just browsing again this time on their home screen and I came across this powerful video "A Beautiful Disaster - Why I Embrace Natural Hair and Reject Weave" . I watched it and was blown away by this woman, Kayla Reid. Her words were honest and true. It struck a nerve because I've had all of those feelings and it made me want to do something about it. Why is it that most of us are going back to natural? It's taking us years to get our hair back. I want to start to do something now so that women are more aware of what they're doing to their hair and bodies and how harmful it is. When I was in high school I took a 6-week seminar on self love. I wish I could remember the women that ran it but it was a powerful and this video make me think about what these women did for me. It makes me want to do this for other young women. Knowledge is power and we turn to a lot of these trends because we don't know any better. We're ignorant to the harm we're doing.

May 17, 2012

This is what your writing shouldn't look like.

I wrote this in response to an article for an English class. It wasn't suppose to be factual or anything so please don't think my writing is like this all time. It was all fun.

Dear Philip, Your article What’s Wrong with College for Women is complete bullshit. It’s the worst piece of creative writing I have ever read. I know that I know that it says it’s an essay but it if my firm belief that, you lied. There were no facts to support your argument, your argument was weak itself and it was stupid to begin with. A woman’s role is not limited to caring for and making babies. I believe the reason you wrote this misinformed essay is because you feel threatened by smart women. A man is only as good as the woman behind him but women don’t need men behind them. A woman’s brain is more complex than a male’s which make them more intelligent by default. A woman’s chromosomes XX show that females and males are not equal. Males have the XY chromosomes which can’t fit as many genes as two Xs can. Woman are physically stronger than men that’s why the responsibility of bearing children solely on them. Men generally use more pain killers than women because their bodies aren’t equip to deal with pain naturally like a woman’s body is. Women are the majority in the world and in college. Women have careers, babies and marriage. Mr. Philip your essay which tried to convince women that college was of no use to them if they wanted to have babies and be married is just ridiculous, it’s like saying men can’t think for themselves. Your essay proves nothing but that you’re a close minded man scared that a woman could take and do your job better than you. I’m not saying that women are better but I do believe that if you go through the trouble of keeping a group of people down and still they rise. It shows that they shouldn’t be underestimated or kept in the house to entertain children. Mr. Philip would I be wrong to say that men are stupid and closed minded because of your essay? Is it wrong to assume that most men feel this way? Does my essay disprove yours with facts and statistics? I’ll say my information is just about as credible as yours.

Summer Session

So I've been on campus since 8:40am and I won't be leaving until 8:00pm. This college life is like a life draining demon. How is it that you can be so alive then you get on campus and almost immediately you want to slip into a coma. It's such a challenge to stay awake in Biology from 9-10:45 it's so sad.

Today is Thursday the end of my school (more like torture) week. I made alive and unscathed. I have so much work and so little time it makes me grateful that for now I am not working. I have a Macy's interview on Tuesday and by then I hope to have gotten ahead so i couldn't fall behind.

May 10, 2012


Why is it that the scars that we don't see are the hardest to heal. Is it because we can't apply peroxide or ointment to these sores. Why is it that as time goes on we forget the first day of kindergarden, some birthdays and even some people we meet. It seems that the memory fades with time but why is it that when we're hurt we never forget no matter how old we were. We can remember the blows that gave us our scars for the rest of our days. We dwell, we deal but we never forget and sometime we never get over it. What bandage can you put on an emotional scar what ointment will make it hurt less?

May 9, 2012

Raw Food/Vegan or Vegetarian

I'm thinking about changing my diet. I've been looking at the things that I eat and how it affects me now and how it will affect me later. Also I'm still on the journey to grow waist length hair. Hair growth and health is dependent on my diet. Raw food is something I'm looking into because I do love smoothies and natural juices. The only reasons I have for not adopting the lifestyle because it's very expensive. I'm looking into a vegetarian lifestyle. I love seafood and yes I know about over fishing so it won't be a main part of my diet but I do want to stop my consumption of animals for health and moral reasons. I'm not sure if I will completely stop or just limit my intake but I'm exploring my options.

April 29, 2012

Crazy B****

This is my first poem in years. I don't know where it came from or the inspiration for it but I hope you like it.

My heart can’t really take too much more.

My hand is on the handle of the door.

I saw you with her and that was the end.

I’m leaving and I hope I never see you again.

I look back before I toss the match.

I leave as the flame meets the gas.

You broke my heart so I burned you down.

I bet if you had the chance you’d have turned her down.

April 28, 2012

The pregnancy disease

It's been a problem since I was in high school from 2005-2009 and it's still ongoing. This "Pregnancy Disease" it seems like all you have to do to get pregnant is get the pregnant touch. So many young, single girls are getting pregnant. They're not ready for babies, sheesh last year they just started riding their bikes with no training wheels and they're still in training bras. The steady incline of teen pregnancy brings up so many questions without a lot of answers.

"Who's to blame?" Some could say the parents for not doing enough to keep their children from engaging in sexual activities without knowing all the risks and how to protect themselves. While others believe it could be the school's responsibility to educate their students on right and wrong. Also it could be their environment. Imagine living in a home where your mother is a single parent and had you or one of your siblings young, or your friends are having sex and getting pregnant that too could also play a role in this.

We also need a solution. These girls have this glorified vision of pregnancy and aren't aware of the stress and change that they're putting on their bodies. Never mind the fact that the responsibility of raising a child shouldn't fall on one person let alone a child themselves. I'm 20 years old and I still consider myself too immature for children. I know that if I was to have a child right now I don't have the skills or the financial ability to do for them. Someone needs to teach these girls this. I want the disease to stop. Pregnancy use to be a wonderful time between a man and woman welcoming their child into the world. Now the delivery rooms look like daycares. Babies raising babies and these girls don't realize that they might have to do it alone.

April 22, 2012

Random reasons why my life sucks... Sometimes

So today I had to fill three of my own cavities with over the counter filling and oddly it worked which made me mad because for the last three weeks I've been in excruciating pain and I mean excruciating like to the point where tears were streaming and I was screaming. I missed school and everything and the cure was in the market for $3.99. URRRRGGGGHHHHH. That was example 1.
Now on the another reason it's the last week of classes and I missed so much school and finals are next week. I have so much work to do.
I have not written anything creative and I feel like I'm suffering because of it.
My boobs are average
I'm currently unemployed and I miss shopping. R.I.P. to the shopping I used to see.
My family is plotting on my life. I know it but if I go missing blame them. A six year old girl in Georgia got arrested for throwing a temper tantrum in school. (yes this is true).
And I've been sober for so long I don't know what alcohol even tastes like.

April 19, 2012

Vote for me

Some of you know that I've been on a hair journey for the past few months and Hairfinity is a hair vitamin that I've been taking. They have this contest up and I need 10 votes by the end of the week so if you read this and you have a facebook then you should vote for me.

April 16, 2012


Family are those people you don't get to choose the people that you're stuck with. Some of us are lucky enough to be born with great families but a majority of us are doomed to be born into dysfunctional families. I'm one of the cursed in this land, I have one of the most dysfunctional families that I know of. I'm lucky that I'm mentally sane after all these years of being subjected to this mental torture. I'm the oldest of three, my brother the middle child is the definition of a screw up and yet whenever something is done in the house that involves me and him the finger is usually pointed at me. I feel like the black sheep of the family and what I really want is to finally leave this house but being a full time student. It's like the more I try to do with my life the more back lash I get from them. In what world must I give my family money just because I have a job. I can understand taking my younger sister to the store or something but giving my siblings money that sounds like an allowance something not in my job description because I'm "sister" not "parent". I can talk about my family all day but I'll just end it here.

April 14, 2012

Something I'm working on

This doesn't have a title yet but it's something I'm working on.

Last summer I finally got my mom to pay attention to me. It only took 20 years and some wild nights. It wasn’t my intention at the time to get her to notice, I thought I was partying because it was fun not a cry for attention. I stopped doing that when I was around six and I got beat in the tub for it. After that I was very selective about the times I cried. It’s not until I think about my life that I realize my actions were for a reason and not the reason I intended in the first place. I’m not sure of the exact event that all this stems from, it could be the abuse or the neglect. I never thought any of it affected me. I thought I was the exception to these rules. I figured since I was so young when it happened that it didn’t matter. I thought I could be normal. Whatever that meant, it’s not until I’m in a relationship that I question why I am the way I am. I never noticed how distant I could be. It never dawned on me that I don’t have friends because of events that made me distrust them. I was hoping that I didn’t have to deal with those unanswered questions I had. When I was around six years old I was being molested by my brother’s dad. At the time I thought he was my dad and I didn’t know what was going on. All I knew was it made me feel weird and it felt wrong and that I needed to tell my mom. I tried to tell her for a long time but I never could because he was always around. I think he knew that I would tell. He didn’t threaten me to be quiet at first he tried to tell me to keep our secret. I was Queen Tattletale as a kid though and I ratted everyone out. I still can’t believe that was me. I was that little girl with my dolly and my pig tails. I guess that’s why I killed all my dolls after that. Nobody protected me from him, my mom left him home to watch me, and my brother was just clueless because in his eyes his dad could do no wrong. I was the monster once I released the secret.

First story published

This blog was suppose to be an assignment for my creative writing class. I used to write a lot. I've had numerous Journal, I would write stories, and songs. I tried poetry but I was too sappy for my own good. I've explained what I want to do all that's left is to do it.

April 8, 2012

Short stories and possible book

Now that my creative writing class is over I have all these ideas. I don't want to stop writing again because I might not ever pick it up again. I have so many ideas that I want to actually put down on paper and share. Some won't be shared but a lot will. I'll release short stories on here and anyone that reads it just leave feedback. I'll also keep up with the blog posts.

April 2, 2012

Why is this on the news

I watched...well listened to news and it's just annoying at the things they report. I'm sorry but who cares about the woman's puppies that ran away. They clearly ran away for a reason. I want to see more about the Presidential candidates especially these Republicans. They've clearly lost their mind. I listen to their promises and think to myself "Who the fuck is dumb enough to vote for them?" I get my answer every time these people open their mouths and the crowd around them listen. America where the ones in power are the dumbest of all.

New word

Jagaloons - unwanted ppl in your life, creepers, serial creepers, professional creepers...yall get it.

April 1, 2012

Old dirty pervs

Some people hate slobs. Some people hate losers. Some even hate the homeless. I personally hate the old dirty pervs. They stand on the corners in their old dirty packs, smoking cigarettes, peeping the scene. These old creepers will gawk at your 12 year old sister. Scream obscenities to any 16 year old that walks past and for us older ladies. We get the old, dirty pick up lines. I just want to spit in their face, stomp on their balls and to tell them "fuck off"

March 31, 2012


The term "Cowashing" refers to using conditioner instead of shampoo to wash one's hair. Lots of shampoos contain harmful sulfataes to that rob hair of essential oils and sometimes we take too much from our hair not knowing and we don't put it back. Cowashing is a good way to clean your scalp of product build up while moisturizing as well. I cowash every 2-3 days and can go weeks without shampooing. This month I learned you should wash once a week with a sulfate free shampoo and once a month with a clarfying shampoo. The difference is the sulfate free shampoo will clean your hair and scalp and free it from dirt and oil build up but a clarifying shampoo cleans your scalp from product build up which can be the cause of why your regular hair regimen stops working as effectively.

How much is too much?

We live in a world where people share their lives wit everyone on the internet. There's Facebook, Twitter and blogging. It's ok to update the people you know on your life but how much is too much? There are women who are sucking penises in profile pictures, little girls sucking penis on camera in the daylight. When I was 12 I still thought you couldn't have sex without developing wrong. The world today is really something else but how much is too much? These kids know nothing. They're clones of each other and it's sad. As much as the internet makes the world smaller.

No Internet censorship to be imposed in Russia - minister | Russia & India Report

No Internet censorship to be imposed in Russia - minister | Russia & India Report

Root canals are a bitch

So I have three deep cavities in my mouth. One on the left and two on the right. Last year in May I went to the dentist and he told me I need to have root canals done on each of them. I said "ok." This man had the nerve to say "Ok so it's $250 each one not including the caps because your insurance only covers half." I just left because I'm a poor, sometimes employed college student. I can't afford to pay for them and for the past year it's been ok. I just avoid eating sweets and chewing on my hind teeth. The past week the nerves in my teeth must be exposed because I can't anything for shit. Not even an hour ago I got some relish stuck in the crevice in my tooth and it hurt like a bitch. LIKE A BITCH.

Hair Journey

Sometime in the year of 2011 I started to really pay attention to my hair. I noticed it grew rather fast but it stayed the same length. I started to wash it once a week and condition to see if that changed anything. I noticed that a difference in the moisture level of my hair but I still had a lot of breakage and split ends. During the duration of the year I did some research into how to take care of my hair. During the summer I neglected what I was learning for beauty and glamour and my hair got damaged from all the heat and all the weave. In the past two years I've only had two relaxers and after last summer I decided that relaxers aren't for me. I've been transitioning to natural since last summer and I'm going to my hair to waist length. I started monitoring my length in October after I tried to change my hair color and failed miserably because my hair is so dark. I started close to collar bone length and now I'm a little past my shoulders. This summer my goal is to have as close to boob length hair as possible. I take Hairfinity vitamins, I keep my body hydrated (water), and I protect my hair. I'll keep you guys posted on my journey.

Saturday Classes

Spring 2012 I decided to take an English class. It was the best decision of my life. I didn't take it because I needed to I took it because I wanted to knowing that it was on a Saturday. The first class I promised myself if I didn't like the teacher I would just drop it and find something else but I walked in and it was like the Professor Gods answered a prayer I didn't send up. Jimmy J Pack Jr. is the best English professor I've ever had, not a hard decision since I've only had two. Today was our last class and it made me sad but I don't want my writing to end there. I've been promising myself for years I was going to write an autobiography and I've also been putting it off well. Today I talked to him and I have my made up my mind. I shall have chapter one done by April 10th.

March 19, 2012

Why I hate

I wish I could just skip to my degree F-ck these prerequisites. I hate them all. I just want my degree so I can stop spending my nights looking for jobs that will never call or they do call and they give you like 5 hours a week and pay you slave wages. I need this to end. I have needs, wants, and desires and I can't possibly do it without my degree but going to school for 15 years and not being done is taking it's toll on me :/.

March 1, 2012

Why are girls crazy?

I can't even begin to cover this topic in a way people will understand. What I do know is that we are crazy for reasons. Girls just don't go around cursing the world out and blowing up random cars and being serial killers because they can't get laid. We leave that to the men. Sure we can be unstable but think about it...What did you do to her? If your girlfriend is acting like a Psycho bitch chances are you did something to bring that out of her. If you're cheating and you think she doesn't know. She Knows. If you're an asshole and you thought she was this sweet little push over, run for the hills. Girls just don't jump off the deep end for small stuff unless something big happened before it. I'm saying more or less that girls are crazy because men make us that way

The most boring post ever.

I haven't been on here to update as much because of my classes and lack of inspiration. It sucks once the semester gets going and you have all this work from everyone and quizzes every Friday my calculus prof is killing me. Yesterday she was 20 mins late to class and we were so scared to leave everyone was still there when she came in smh. If that had been any other class there wouldn't have been a single student left after 10 minutes. The allotted time that we should wait.

I know this post is boring but unfortunately inspiration has not hit the fan or me yet. All me creative juices are being used right now to finish this short story that is currently 11 pages. Currently I am arguing with a Patriot fan on my Eagles picture. I love home teams it shows pride in the place that you were raised and loyalty. Plus people tend to like teams when they're winning no one can support a losing team.

February 22, 2012

Death by nuggets

a short story I wrote.

“Hello 911, I have an emergency at the McDonald’s on 10th and market. They ran out of McNuggets.” The frantic woman yelled. “Ma’am that’s not an emergency, we can’t help you.” The operator hung up. Sarah was the woman’s name and she came into McDonald’s because they had the fifty piece nuggets for $5.00. She couldn’t resist the temptation of the chicken, golden goodness that was the all white meat nugget. She looked at her phone as the screen was going black since the call had ended. Her right foot was tapping; she only did this when she was nervous or angry. “Keyshia.” She read the young girl’s name tag out loud. The name tasted dirty in her mouth. The young girl rolled her eyes and popped her gum. She didn’t want to be there. It was a Saturday in June, she was 16 there were at least a 1000 better ways to spend her time. She looked at her computer screen just to confirm what she told the woman about the nuggets. They were all gone. “Ma’am I’m sorry but the nuggets are gone. You can try another location but this one is all out.” The teen said. “Are you sure about that? I didn’t see you talk to anyone or check the freezer. How do you know that you have no nuggets when you didn’t ask? Where’s the manager? I need to speak with someone that has at least completed puberty.” Sarah said. She didn’t come into McDonald’s to make a scene but how the hell did they run out of McNuggets. She looked up to see the manager walking towards her. He wasn’t anything special, typical manager. He had the 10 months pregnant stomach, with the thick mustache that covered his top lip. Typical. He probably had a wife that he met in high school and two kids a girl and a boy. “Ma’am what seems to be the problem?” Joe the manager at McDonald’s asked the lady while she bit her nails and looked through him with piercing dull brown eyes. Sarah exhaled, loudly and annoyed. “Sir your employee here is telling me that you don’t have McNuggets that’s impossible this is McDonald’s how the hell do you run out of nuggets?” “Ma’am with the promotion going on there was no way to know that the demand would be as high as it was. I am sorry for the inconvenience but you are welcome to try another location.” “I don’t want to try another location. Why must I have to go around searching for McNuggets. This is friggin’ McDonald’s you need to have them. The manager did not want to be there. His wife and two kids had just died in a car accident that he caused last week. The woman was just yapping on about chicken nuggets and he had nothing to live for. He reached behind him into his belt and pulled out the .22 caliber pistol. He aims and fires at the woman without even thinking. Her brain and blood spatters everywhere. He grabs a napkin wipes the blood from his face and leaves the counter. “Keyshia I’m leaving for the rest of the day. Call the cops and have this mess cleaned. Keyshia looks at her manager. She can’t believe what has happened. She swallowed her gum when she heard the bang. She hears the manager speaking, she can see his mouth moving but she is stuck. She cannot move.

February 21, 2012

Children, why they suck?

I have a 9 year old sister and she is the epitome of a brat. Brat is just written on her little forehead. All her clothes have brat undertones. Her words, if you listen closely end with Brat all of them. When she and I argue I just never want kids like ever. Terrible siblings are the best form of birth control, better than a condom, better than the pill. You won't have sex if you had a sister and brother like mine.

February 11, 2012

Do...or Don't ?

Is it really emasculating to a man if his wife chooses to keep her last name or get it hyphenated. I never thought it was a big deal to men one way or the other. They don't really give up everything with marriage. When a woman marries she "must" legally change her name. Why?! When I was a kid I was all for it because I never really thought too much about it but now as I plan on getting married in the distant future it's on my mind. I have the initials DDD and I have grown quite fond of it. 3 D's in a row is pretty cool, well it is to me. Another thing when a woman gets married she's kinda giving up some career goals because at some point the couple is gonna have the "Baby" talk and while having children is good for repopulating the Earth. What about the Lawyer who wants to make partner before 35? or the future Chemical Engineer who wants her PhD before 30? I just don't think there's anything wrong with the woman who gets married but wants to keep a big part of herself. Her last name. It means something to us, it's ours. I would kind of feel like a sell out just leaving Davis behind like that when I started my new life. It feels like I'm leaving a part of myself behind why must I feel that way. What's wrong with a hyphen anyway? I think of it as a compromise...just something that came up.

February 9, 2012

Cat orgy pt 2

I'm currently watching the cat orgy episode on South Park. It's hilarious! So the cat is literally throwing it's Pu$$y at any feline it sees. It was watching the animal planet and two lions came on the tube and it just threw the Pu$$y back like "here you go." The cat goes on the entire episode trying to give someone the goods. It reminds me of some people in this world. They go around pulling out their privates in public for all to see. The only people that even feed into that are desperate themselves. That one drunk, loud girl at the party that is on anything with a pulse. The cat was kinda like that wondering the city for "love" and it finally found some in the form of alley cats ready for a good time. It threw a party, it threw a party kitties came over yea it had a party. They snorted lines of kitty litter and had a good time. So the moral of the story is....When you want to throw your pu$$y all over town you can always find the people who want it in an alley dumpster and you can all have a good time doing lines of kitter litter.
Make sense?

February 7, 2012

Life couldn't be more plain

So I got some new loose teas today. Why was the highlight of my day. I'm sick and I decided to get some tea. It just so happens that 111 S 18th street in between 18th and Chestnut and Sansom sts there is this cool little loose tea place. Usually I get my loose tea from Teavana but this little place has taken me away from that overpriced tea. So far I've only had a chai latte but it was the best Chai latte of my life. I'm not kidding it was uber amazing. I made my bf one and I have him hooked. He just better buy his own damn tea.

On another note I can't wait to finish my story. So far I have 8 pages and that's just an introduction but it's already the longest story I have ever wrote. I kinda want to write a book now. Since I know I can do it. I know how to start and what it will take. If I can get a book published that would be cool. Anyways I know this post wasn't all that interesting but you read it and I thank you.
That picture is my kicking my leg up in my PennState sweats. We are ...

February 3, 2012

Example of how I know nothing

I haven't wrote anything since 2010 after I had my first major heartbreak. before then I wasn't a write-aholic but I did write a lot, mostly poetry and sad notes. I can't think of why I stopped writing. I think when I read a lot of my old stuff like 99.9% was about a boy. It frustrated me. So I stopped writing because I didn't want all my work to be about love and lost especially when I was 100% I didn't love any of them. Did I care? Sure but not as much as my writings would have a stranger believe. I think most of all it was embarrassing to read and think "Wow I wrote that, that's me whining on this page about bullshit." That was a long time ago. So when my English Professor gave us the assignment to keep a blog for the duration of this course my immediate thought was Oh shit Now that I am a couple weeks in I'm running out of ideas. It's been forever since I put pen to paper. I guess I can write about the crazy things that happen in life. Last night my boyfriend calls me because he witnessed a cat orgy. I wasn't shocked things like that happen all the time cats are not discreet at all about their sex life. They chase each other around outside playing catch a cat, freak a cat. It's kind of like caching someone litter. Some people walk past it, some try to stop it, and some people stop and stare. I have to admit I belong to the last group it's not my fault. I just happen to be a very curious person about life all aspects of life and reproduction is an aspect of life am I right?

February 2, 2012


Last week I had the funniest conversation with a couple classmates about our calculus professor. We all agreed she was nice but there was something mechanical about her. We weren't sure if it was because of her teaching methods or the way she was as a person in class. Anyway I was thinking more about it and it occurred to me that she was no different than the male math professors I've had in the past. I never thought any of them were robots. Was it because she was a woman in a "man's" world? I pondered all of this in her classroom. I wonder if when I start to work as a Chemical Engineer people will perceive me the same way. Why does the gender of the person make it different. We actually look to her since she's a woman to take it easy on us. She never said she would what gave us that idea.

Human perception is an interesting thing. In my Anthropology class we were discussing how they give ordinary jobs these important sounding titles. For example how a Stripper can call herself an exotic dancer or a visual entertainment artist. If someone says that they are a visual entertainment artist you might have to think twice about what that actually means even exotic dancer doesn't give the same image as some just saying that they strip for a living. The three don't even sound like the same thing. It's like calling a janitor a custodial engineer or calling a cashier a sales associate or sales representative. You make minimum wage how are you an associate?

February 1, 2012

I love this picture I think it's the cutest thing in the world.

Something I found

So below there's a rap I found.
"yo my name iz tjp & I'm from Philly
niggas step up 2 me I'm like what'z the dilly
They be like yo yo we that work
I say okay wait a wait a minute I'll be back on the 1st ha!
So I roll through the door with this big ole box
what'z in the box? these big ole blocks
All my goons in the back with these straps thats all black
if ppl mess up my paper that's gonna make you have a heart attack
Once you hear that thing go clap you ain't neva comin back
So i hope you pray 2 nite
you get my paper rite!
hold up lets clean up something first if you thirsty
u betta go quinch your thirsty
before u be on action news in that hurse
u say u got the bubble guts
i heard your gf gotta bubble but"

I read this early this morning and the laughter was uncontrollable. There's a lot of slang words in here which is the added comedy my brother wrote this and its hard to tell we are cut from the same cloth at times lol.

January 30, 2012

The Fuckers

Below is this story I am writing for an English class.
Dumb Fucker
“This Sucks,” I sighed out loud. I’m sitting in my window looking out thinking about jumping down. “Why do I still live here? What the fuck am I doing in life?” I ask myself this a lot. My mother is screaming at me “Tyler what are you doing? I told you to clean the kitchen 3 hours ago. You don’t work you don’t cook or clean. The least you can do is clean when I ask” blah blah blah she’s always yelling. I don’t have time. I’m waiting on my boy to hit me up so we can smoke later. I fucking hate this house and this little ass room I sleep in. I look back out the window and tune her out. It’s not that far of a fall so I wouldn’t die but it would hurt like hell kind of the torture I go through right now. I hear my mom say “When are you going to move out?” and then her door slams. I’m not sure of the appropriate age to move out. My sister left the week before her 21rst birthday. She moved in with her boyfriend but that was almost 6 years ago. My sister, I fucking hate her. She thinks she’s so smart and so much better than everyone else because she graduated from college and then got married two years ago. Her husband, Carl I fucking hate him too and I refuse to believe that nigga half black he too light and he got green eyes. They make me sick they’ve been together almost 7 years why them niggas ain’t break up yet, I know my sister crazy but he keep saying they barely argue. I call bullshit. I check my phone I’m waiting on a text so I can leave this hellhole and smoke a little. My mom swears I’m a crack head she’s always threatening to throw me out but I know she won’t do it. I’ve been here this long; I’m not leaving until I’m ready to. I don’t get why she complaining it’s not like I have kids or anything I just like to stay in my room all day and eat. She does that on weekends why can’t I do that on a daily basis.
Brilliant Fucker
“Babe come on the water is ready and we have to hurry,” I say to my husband. I love that man. I mean we actually shower together to save water and engage in some activity but not today. Today I’m going to visit my family, I haven’t seen them in a while and I know my mom needs a break from my brother. My sister is here, that girl practically lives here. Carl appears in the doorway and my heart skips a couple beats. Damn after almost 7 years he still has that effect on me. “Hey there pretty lady,” he says “Drop your towel and show me the goods.” He grabs my towel before I can stage my protest and exposes me to him. “Hey sir, I don’t just show any man my goods. These here are valuable you’re going to have to work for that” I say that and step into the shower he follows of course and we don’t do anything. I already told him not to get his hopes or his penis up because sadly both of them will be let down. I wash him and he washes me this part really makes me regret telling him we couldn’t do anything in the shower each time he asked me this morning. Gosh sometimes I really feel like I’m going to fuck this up and be the miserable cat lady I always thought I would grow up to be. We get out the shower and get dressed. “CHRIS!” I yell out for my sister that girl, well young lady I should say. She reminds me every single day that she is almost 16. She appears at me door dressed with a bag packed. “Are you spending the night with mom or do you want to switch clothes for next weeks?” I ask her. She avoids living with my mother as much as she can. She says my brother is too annoying to be around. “I’m switching clothes you know I can’t live there. This house is too big for just y’all two. When am I getting a niece and/or nephew y’all married remember y’all told me to wait until then well the time is here..” I cut her rant off . “Little girl be at the car in 5 minutes” I say and shut the door as my last word trails off. If this is what a daughter would be like and my brother is what son would be like. Carl and I can wait to procreate.
Teenage Fucker
My sister still treats me like a child. I keep telling her I’ll be 16 soon and then after 16 there’s only two more years until I’m 18 and I’ll be grown. To be continued…..

January 28, 2012

Absent Minded. - Imgur

Absent Minded. - Imgur I saw this yesterday and it made me laugh because I say things like this in my head all the time. Like there's this boy in my Anthropology class and he's so annoying. I do not know his name and I'm not sure what's worse the fact that his name is unknown or the fact that he offers these irrelevant ass opinions. I have to look away from him when he talks or I might just say "Who the fuck asked you?" This past Wednesday during common break there was a Kung Fu demonstration I only caught a glimpse of it but one of my classmates had caught the whole thing because he regularly eats lunch in that building. We always get to class early and we started to discuss our day and that came up I asked him "What type of martial arts were they doing?" or something along those lines and he responded "Kung FU, I think." So the asshole boy responds with no encouragement says "I love how people get those mixed up...blah blah blah." In my head I was saying "And we care because...?" I honestly hate people that but into other people's conversations. I really hate him because he's one of those "I know everything let me put my two cents where they don't belong" kind of people. That same day he butted into at least two more of my conversations and a couple of other peoples'. I would feel bad that nobody talked to him in class but since I know why I really don't care. The moral of the story is assholes get ignored.


1/22/12 Grappling Tournament The past couple of days have been fun. I'm finally getting into the swing of school but that also means the work load has increased. I also got to experience a few new things. This past Sunday I went to a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu grappling tournament. It was the coolest thing I've seen in a while. A bunch of boys and some girls trying to make the other tap out. No punches, no kicks just force I guess. I'm still not entirely sure what grappling is. It looks like wrestling but it's not fake or cheesy. I was there to cheer on Steven McGiggles (yes as far as I'm concerned McGiggles is his real last name) and he grappled ass. He won first place in the GI part and he took home the bronze that was later confiscated by me for the non GI part. It was a nice experience I've never been to any type of fighting event live. I'm too squeamish when it comes to fighting and blood. I have an admiration and respect for fighters. Something that I could never do. Also this week I've been thinking about stuff I would like to do this summer. On my list is taking some form of martial arts. I would like to have some type of fighting knowledge living in the city and as much as I travel it's a necessity. Also since I am taking summer classes German and Italian are on my list of languages I want to learn. SO far I've taken years or Spanish and French. I want to learn at least 5 languages in my life and why not use this summer to learn a new language or two. The last thing I want to do is continue learning how to sew and knit. The amount of time I travel on the bus and on the train not doing anything but listening to music can be time to knit a nice sweater or something. It's a lot to do in the world and it's no point in having all the time and opportunity available to you an
d not using it.

January 19, 2012

STS - We Threw A Party

this artist I saw in concert once. It was early March 2011 in Philadelphia. The only person I was there to see was Cyhi Da Prynce who put on an amazing show. STS came out and at first the crowd was a bit hesitant but in the middle of his first song he got the crowd's energy up and even though we couldn't rap the lyrics with him, we just nodded our heads and dance to the beat of rhythmic words. The night I got home I looked up all the new artists I heard that night.

January 18, 2012

Bar meets cloud

I met him randomly. I was drunk he was high not together. I went out one Saturday night with my best friend.....well we only went to the bar near my house. We got our usual 2 long islands and random shots of grey goose and coconut ciroc whenever we wanted them. It's like 12am and I'm grabbed by the hand and dragged outside by my friend. I'm confused, I'm drunk and this was like 6 months ago. I think the conversation went something like this. Her: "Yea Jasmine? We're coming up right now we just left the bar we're not too far away." Me: "Wait! Are we really going up there? Like Right now I can't travel like this." I'm obviously drunk and I don't like to travel far under the influence. We make it on the bus and to the stop where we have to get off. We start walking it's dark but we're walking and talking. We're loud obviously and this car pulls up beside us and this guy is saying all the lame creeper lines. "Hey baby, you need a ride?" "You got fries with that shake?" and all these other creeper lines so I pulled out my mase and sprayed his ass. To this day I do not know if the mase bottle was really empty or if I was that drunk but my friend takes the mase bottle and tries to spray him as well. She hands me the bottle back and I was so mad and frustrated that I just through the bottle in his open window. I was aiming for his face but my drunk aim is not that good...anyways he speeds off and we continue our walk Jasmine is a girl I have never met before. We've tweeted but until that day in August we had never seen each other. I spot her immediately from across the street at 5th and Olney. I was tired off walking and since it was 1:30am and she was the only person..well there were two boys with her but I didn't really see them from afar. Me:"What does Jasmine look like? I think that's her right there. My friend" Uhh her hair is curly" Jasmine"HEyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!' We run across the street. Jasmine and my friend hug and I'm left there standing and watching looking at them awkwardly until I look up into a pair of olive green eyes and a wild mane of blonde-brown hair. That I would soon learn later was Carl who that night kind of captured my interest. Carl and I would go almost two months without seeing each other but now Carl and I are a we. A power couple and we met on a random Saturday night. I was drunk and he was high. I was drunk and then I got high. I went to a bar and then I met Carl. He asked me my name and for a hug. Since it was my first night meeting him when he asked for the hug I gave him a face which stated loud and clearly "NO!" I also told my name was Rose which was just a lie for fun. I meant to tell him my real name but I forgot and I didn't think it was important. So for about an hour he just didn't say anything to me and I didn't care because to me he was a pretty stranger. I was just listening to the chatter around me. Observing and taking mental notes, trying to decide if I wanted to speak or if silence was the best answers I could give at them moment. Carl and I sat on the two seat sofa, at time I referred to him as "My Couch Buddy" and as time went on he warmed up to me. We eventually started talking which lead to flirting and well I think I fell asleep around 5. That was in August when Carl and I met we wouldn't see each other again until October. There's still things about that night I think back on and laugh about. It was random and it was fun but it was also the night I met someone who became extremely important in my life. No matter how we met I'm glad we did. We could've been doing crack in an alley way or meth in Idaho. It doesn't matter we met at 5th and Olney at 2am all because my friend wanted to see one of her friends from middle school. Life sure is funny that way.

Not ready yet

I made this blog when I was in high school and the posts that were here before I deleted them were tragic. They were sad and awful. Written by someone who needed a gun to be put out of her misery. I'm glad that person doesn't exist anymore. She grew some balls and decided to brace the world instead of moping about all the boys that didn't pay her any attention and all the things she wishes for but can't ever get.....

I haven't written anything since my freshman year of college and that was 2 and a half years ago. I decided to take a creative writing class this semester just because I missed writing and all the fun I thought I used to have. When I read my old stuff I just want to be better I want people to read what I write and laugh because it's funny or cry because it's sad not because it hurts their eyes to read my writing. I'm hoping through this class I learn that poetry is not the only form of writing and that most poetry is whining about things you can't change.

This is post one and I hope to get a lot better at this. Writing is a passion that I have always wanted to explore but there was never an opportunity. When I started college in 2009 I had so many ideas about my life and more importantly my education. I wanted to minor in both french and spanish. I wanted to take Yoga and English classes all while staying on course to get a degree in Chemical Engineering.