April 2, 2012

Why is this on the news

I watched...well listened to news and it's just annoying at the things they report. I'm sorry but who cares about the woman's puppies that ran away. They clearly ran away for a reason. I want to see more about the Presidential candidates especially these Republicans. They've clearly lost their mind. I listen to their promises and think to myself "Who the fuck is dumb enough to vote for them?" I get my answer every time these people open their mouths and the crowd around them listen. America where the ones in power are the dumbest of all.

New word

Jagaloons - unwanted ppl in your life, creepers, serial creepers, professional creepers...yall get it.

April 1, 2012

Old dirty pervs

Some people hate slobs. Some people hate losers. Some even hate the homeless. I personally hate the old dirty pervs. They stand on the corners in their old dirty packs, smoking cigarettes, peeping the scene. These old creepers will gawk at your 12 year old sister. Scream obscenities to any 16 year old that walks past and for us older ladies. We get the old, dirty pick up lines. I just want to spit in their face, stomp on their balls and to tell them "fuck off"