January 21, 2012

PennState loses Joe

Rest In Peace Joe. You will be missed.

January 20, 2012


January 19, 2012

STS - We Threw A Party

this artist I saw in concert once. It was early March 2011 in Philadelphia. The only person I was there to see was Cyhi Da Prynce who put on an amazing show. STS came out and at first the crowd was a bit hesitant but in the middle of his first song he got the crowd's energy up and even though we couldn't rap the lyrics with him, we just nodded our heads and dance to the beat of rhythmic words. The night I got home I looked up all the new artists I heard that night.

January 18, 2012

Bar meets cloud

I met him randomly. I was drunk he was high not together. I went out one Saturday night with my best friend.....well we only went to the bar near my house. We got our usual 2 long islands and random shots of grey goose and coconut ciroc whenever we wanted them. It's like 12am and I'm grabbed by the hand and dragged outside by my friend. I'm confused, I'm drunk and this was like 6 months ago. I think the conversation went something like this. Her: "Yea Jasmine? We're coming up right now we just left the bar we're not too far away." Me: "Wait! Are we really going up there? Like Right now I can't travel like this." I'm obviously drunk and I don't like to travel far under the influence. We make it on the bus and to the stop where we have to get off. We start walking it's dark but we're walking and talking. We're loud obviously and this car pulls up beside us and this guy is saying all the lame creeper lines. "Hey baby, you need a ride?" "You got fries with that shake?" and all these other creeper lines so I pulled out my mase and sprayed his ass. To this day I do not know if the mase bottle was really empty or if I was that drunk but my friend takes the mase bottle and tries to spray him as well. She hands me the bottle back and I was so mad and frustrated that I just through the bottle in his open window. I was aiming for his face but my drunk aim is not that good...anyways he speeds off and we continue our walk Jasmine is a girl I have never met before. We've tweeted but until that day in August we had never seen each other. I spot her immediately from across the street at 5th and Olney. I was tired off walking and since it was 1:30am and she was the only person..well there were two boys with her but I didn't really see them from afar. Me:"What does Jasmine look like? I think that's her right there. My friend" Uhh her hair is curly" Jasmine"HEyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!' We run across the street. Jasmine and my friend hug and I'm left there standing and watching looking at them awkwardly until I look up into a pair of olive green eyes and a wild mane of blonde-brown hair. That I would soon learn later was Carl who that night kind of captured my interest. Carl and I would go almost two months without seeing each other but now Carl and I are a we. A power couple and we met on a random Saturday night. I was drunk and he was high. I was drunk and then I got high. I went to a bar and then I met Carl. He asked me my name and for a hug. Since it was my first night meeting him when he asked for the hug I gave him a face which stated loud and clearly "NO!" I also told my name was Rose which was just a lie for fun. I meant to tell him my real name but I forgot and I didn't think it was important. So for about an hour he just didn't say anything to me and I didn't care because to me he was a pretty stranger. I was just listening to the chatter around me. Observing and taking mental notes, trying to decide if I wanted to speak or if silence was the best answers I could give at them moment. Carl and I sat on the two seat sofa, at time I referred to him as "My Couch Buddy" and as time went on he warmed up to me. We eventually started talking which lead to flirting and well I think I fell asleep around 5. That was in August when Carl and I met we wouldn't see each other again until October. There's still things about that night I think back on and laugh about. It was random and it was fun but it was also the night I met someone who became extremely important in my life. No matter how we met I'm glad we did. We could've been doing crack in an alley way or meth in Idaho. It doesn't matter we met at 5th and Olney at 2am all because my friend wanted to see one of her friends from middle school. Life sure is funny that way.

Not ready yet

I made this blog when I was in high school and the posts that were here before I deleted them were tragic. They were sad and awful. Written by someone who needed a gun to be put out of her misery. I'm glad that person doesn't exist anymore. She grew some balls and decided to brace the world instead of moping about all the boys that didn't pay her any attention and all the things she wishes for but can't ever get.....

I haven't written anything since my freshman year of college and that was 2 and a half years ago. I decided to take a creative writing class this semester just because I missed writing and all the fun I thought I used to have. When I read my old stuff I just want to be better I want people to read what I write and laugh because it's funny or cry because it's sad not because it hurts their eyes to read my writing. I'm hoping through this class I learn that poetry is not the only form of writing and that most poetry is whining about things you can't change.

This is post one and I hope to get a lot better at this. Writing is a passion that I have always wanted to explore but there was never an opportunity. When I started college in 2009 I had so many ideas about my life and more importantly my education. I wanted to minor in both french and spanish. I wanted to take Yoga and English classes all while staying on course to get a degree in Chemical Engineering.