January 28, 2012

Absent Minded. - Imgur

Absent Minded. - Imgur I saw this yesterday and it made me laugh because I say things like this in my head all the time. Like there's this boy in my Anthropology class and he's so annoying. I do not know his name and I'm not sure what's worse the fact that his name is unknown or the fact that he offers these irrelevant ass opinions. I have to look away from him when he talks or I might just say "Who the fuck asked you?" This past Wednesday during common break there was a Kung Fu demonstration I only caught a glimpse of it but one of my classmates had caught the whole thing because he regularly eats lunch in that building. We always get to class early and we started to discuss our day and that came up I asked him "What type of martial arts were they doing?" or something along those lines and he responded "Kung FU, I think." So the asshole boy responds with no encouragement says "I love how people get those mixed up...blah blah blah." In my head I was saying "And we care because...?" I honestly hate people that but into other people's conversations. I really hate him because he's one of those "I know everything let me put my two cents where they don't belong" kind of people. That same day he butted into at least two more of my conversations and a couple of other peoples'. I would feel bad that nobody talked to him in class but since I know why I really don't care. The moral of the story is assholes get ignored.


1/22/12 Grappling Tournament The past couple of days have been fun. I'm finally getting into the swing of school but that also means the work load has increased. I also got to experience a few new things. This past Sunday I went to a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu grappling tournament. It was the coolest thing I've seen in a while. A bunch of boys and some girls trying to make the other tap out. No punches, no kicks just force I guess. I'm still not entirely sure what grappling is. It looks like wrestling but it's not fake or cheesy. I was there to cheer on Steven McGiggles (yes as far as I'm concerned McGiggles is his real last name) and he grappled ass. He won first place in the GI part and he took home the bronze that was later confiscated by me for the non GI part. It was a nice experience I've never been to any type of fighting event live. I'm too squeamish when it comes to fighting and blood. I have an admiration and respect for fighters. Something that I could never do. Also this week I've been thinking about stuff I would like to do this summer. On my list is taking some form of martial arts. I would like to have some type of fighting knowledge living in the city and as much as I travel it's a necessity. Also since I am taking summer classes German and Italian are on my list of languages I want to learn. SO far I've taken years or Spanish and French. I want to learn at least 5 languages in my life and why not use this summer to learn a new language or two. The last thing I want to do is continue learning how to sew and knit. The amount of time I travel on the bus and on the train not doing anything but listening to music can be time to knit a nice sweater or something. It's a lot to do in the world and it's no point in having all the time and opportunity available to you an
d not using it.