May 10, 2012


Why is it that the scars that we don't see are the hardest to heal. Is it because we can't apply peroxide or ointment to these sores. Why is it that as time goes on we forget the first day of kindergarden, some birthdays and even some people we meet. It seems that the memory fades with time but why is it that when we're hurt we never forget no matter how old we were. We can remember the blows that gave us our scars for the rest of our days. We dwell, we deal but we never forget and sometime we never get over it. What bandage can you put on an emotional scar what ointment will make it hurt less?

May 9, 2012

Raw Food/Vegan or Vegetarian

I'm thinking about changing my diet. I've been looking at the things that I eat and how it affects me now and how it will affect me later. Also I'm still on the journey to grow waist length hair. Hair growth and health is dependent on my diet. Raw food is something I'm looking into because I do love smoothies and natural juices. The only reasons I have for not adopting the lifestyle because it's very expensive. I'm looking into a vegetarian lifestyle. I love seafood and yes I know about over fishing so it won't be a main part of my diet but I do want to stop my consumption of animals for health and moral reasons. I'm not sure if I will completely stop or just limit my intake but I'm exploring my options.