February 3, 2012

Example of how I know nothing

I haven't wrote anything since 2010 after I had my first major heartbreak. before then I wasn't a write-aholic but I did write a lot, mostly poetry and sad notes. I can't think of why I stopped writing. I think when I read a lot of my old stuff like 99.9% was about a boy. It frustrated me. So I stopped writing because I didn't want all my work to be about love and lost especially when I was 100% I didn't love any of them. Did I care? Sure but not as much as my writings would have a stranger believe. I think most of all it was embarrassing to read and think "Wow I wrote that, that's me whining on this page about bullshit." That was a long time ago. So when my English Professor gave us the assignment to keep a blog for the duration of this course my immediate thought was Oh shit Now that I am a couple weeks in I'm running out of ideas. It's been forever since I put pen to paper. I guess I can write about the crazy things that happen in life. Last night my boyfriend calls me because he witnessed a cat orgy. I wasn't shocked things like that happen all the time cats are not discreet at all about their sex life. They chase each other around outside playing catch a cat, freak a cat. It's kind of like caching someone litter. Some people walk past it, some try to stop it, and some people stop and stare. I have to admit I belong to the last group it's not my fault. I just happen to be a very curious person about life all aspects of life and reproduction is an aspect of life am I right?

February 2, 2012


Last week I had the funniest conversation with a couple classmates about our calculus professor. We all agreed she was nice but there was something mechanical about her. We weren't sure if it was because of her teaching methods or the way she was as a person in class. Anyway I was thinking more about it and it occurred to me that she was no different than the male math professors I've had in the past. I never thought any of them were robots. Was it because she was a woman in a "man's" world? I pondered all of this in her classroom. I wonder if when I start to work as a Chemical Engineer people will perceive me the same way. Why does the gender of the person make it different. We actually look to her since she's a woman to take it easy on us. She never said she would what gave us that idea.

Human perception is an interesting thing. In my Anthropology class we were discussing how they give ordinary jobs these important sounding titles. For example how a Stripper can call herself an exotic dancer or a visual entertainment artist. If someone says that they are a visual entertainment artist you might have to think twice about what that actually means even exotic dancer doesn't give the same image as some just saying that they strip for a living. The three don't even sound like the same thing. It's like calling a janitor a custodial engineer or calling a cashier a sales associate or sales representative. You make minimum wage how are you an associate?

February 1, 2012

I love this picture I think it's the cutest thing in the world.

Something I found

So below there's a rap I found.
"yo my name iz tjp & I'm from Philly
niggas step up 2 me I'm like what'z the dilly
They be like yo yo we that work
I say okay wait a wait a minute I'll be back on the 1st ha!
So I roll through the door with this big ole box
what'z in the box? these big ole blocks
All my goons in the back with these straps thats all black
if ppl mess up my paper that's gonna make you have a heart attack
Once you hear that thing go clap you ain't neva comin back
So i hope you pray 2 nite
you get my paper rite!
hold up lets clean up something first if you thirsty
u betta go quinch your thirsty
before u be on action news in that hurse
u say u got the bubble guts
i heard your gf gotta bubble but"

I read this early this morning and the laughter was uncontrollable. There's a lot of slang words in here which is the added comedy my brother wrote this and its hard to tell we are cut from the same cloth at times lol.

January 30, 2012

The Fuckers

Below is this story I am writing for an English class.
Dumb Fucker
“This Sucks,” I sighed out loud. I’m sitting in my window looking out thinking about jumping down. “Why do I still live here? What the fuck am I doing in life?” I ask myself this a lot. My mother is screaming at me “Tyler what are you doing? I told you to clean the kitchen 3 hours ago. You don’t work you don’t cook or clean. The least you can do is clean when I ask” blah blah blah she’s always yelling. I don’t have time. I’m waiting on my boy to hit me up so we can smoke later. I fucking hate this house and this little ass room I sleep in. I look back out the window and tune her out. It’s not that far of a fall so I wouldn’t die but it would hurt like hell kind of the torture I go through right now. I hear my mom say “When are you going to move out?” and then her door slams. I’m not sure of the appropriate age to move out. My sister left the week before her 21rst birthday. She moved in with her boyfriend but that was almost 6 years ago. My sister, I fucking hate her. She thinks she’s so smart and so much better than everyone else because she graduated from college and then got married two years ago. Her husband, Carl I fucking hate him too and I refuse to believe that nigga half black he too light and he got green eyes. They make me sick they’ve been together almost 7 years why them niggas ain’t break up yet, I know my sister crazy but he keep saying they barely argue. I call bullshit. I check my phone I’m waiting on a text so I can leave this hellhole and smoke a little. My mom swears I’m a crack head she’s always threatening to throw me out but I know she won’t do it. I’ve been here this long; I’m not leaving until I’m ready to. I don’t get why she complaining it’s not like I have kids or anything I just like to stay in my room all day and eat. She does that on weekends why can’t I do that on a daily basis.
Brilliant Fucker
“Babe come on the water is ready and we have to hurry,” I say to my husband. I love that man. I mean we actually shower together to save water and engage in some activity but not today. Today I’m going to visit my family, I haven’t seen them in a while and I know my mom needs a break from my brother. My sister is here, that girl practically lives here. Carl appears in the doorway and my heart skips a couple beats. Damn after almost 7 years he still has that effect on me. “Hey there pretty lady,” he says “Drop your towel and show me the goods.” He grabs my towel before I can stage my protest and exposes me to him. “Hey sir, I don’t just show any man my goods. These here are valuable you’re going to have to work for that” I say that and step into the shower he follows of course and we don’t do anything. I already told him not to get his hopes or his penis up because sadly both of them will be let down. I wash him and he washes me this part really makes me regret telling him we couldn’t do anything in the shower each time he asked me this morning. Gosh sometimes I really feel like I’m going to fuck this up and be the miserable cat lady I always thought I would grow up to be. We get out the shower and get dressed. “CHRIS!” I yell out for my sister that girl, well young lady I should say. She reminds me every single day that she is almost 16. She appears at me door dressed with a bag packed. “Are you spending the night with mom or do you want to switch clothes for next weeks?” I ask her. She avoids living with my mother as much as she can. She says my brother is too annoying to be around. “I’m switching clothes you know I can’t live there. This house is too big for just y’all two. When am I getting a niece and/or nephew y’all married remember y’all told me to wait until then well the time is here..” I cut her rant off . “Little girl be at the car in 5 minutes” I say and shut the door as my last word trails off. If this is what a daughter would be like and my brother is what son would be like. Carl and I can wait to procreate.
Teenage Fucker
My sister still treats me like a child. I keep telling her I’ll be 16 soon and then after 16 there’s only two more years until I’m 18 and I’ll be grown. To be continued…..