March 1, 2012

Why are girls crazy?

I can't even begin to cover this topic in a way people will understand. What I do know is that we are crazy for reasons. Girls just don't go around cursing the world out and blowing up random cars and being serial killers because they can't get laid. We leave that to the men. Sure we can be unstable but think about it...What did you do to her? If your girlfriend is acting like a Psycho bitch chances are you did something to bring that out of her. If you're cheating and you think she doesn't know. She Knows. If you're an asshole and you thought she was this sweet little push over, run for the hills. Girls just don't jump off the deep end for small stuff unless something big happened before it. I'm saying more or less that girls are crazy because men make us that way

The most boring post ever.

I haven't been on here to update as much because of my classes and lack of inspiration. It sucks once the semester gets going and you have all this work from everyone and quizzes every Friday my calculus prof is killing me. Yesterday she was 20 mins late to class and we were so scared to leave everyone was still there when she came in smh. If that had been any other class there wouldn't have been a single student left after 10 minutes. The allotted time that we should wait.

I know this post is boring but unfortunately inspiration has not hit the fan or me yet. All me creative juices are being used right now to finish this short story that is currently 11 pages. Currently I am arguing with a Patriot fan on my Eagles picture. I love home teams it shows pride in the place that you were raised and loyalty. Plus people tend to like teams when they're winning no one can support a losing team.