May 25, 2012

What a Friday!

Today in the middle of me filling out my usual 10 job applications per day. I was using my best friend Google to learn about some topics I was interested in. I started with learning about how much fruits and vegetables I should eat per day (2 cups of fruit and 2.5 cups of veggies.) I also looked into natural sunscreen and found some promising results with this brand Goddess Garden I also found some tips for maintaining healthy skin without products. It's what you're doing that's affecting your skin not necessarily the products you use. Healthy Skin. I was just browsing and tweeting until I decided to view UrbanBushBabes this blog that I am totally in love with. It's run by Ciprian and Nikisha two beautiful women with a whole lot of information everything from the arts to the sciences. Their Youtube Channel led me to their website where whenever I have a question about my hair or even inspiration I use their search box and type one word. Today I was just browsing again this time on their home screen and I came across this powerful video "A Beautiful Disaster - Why I Embrace Natural Hair and Reject Weave" . I watched it and was blown away by this woman, Kayla Reid. Her words were honest and true. It struck a nerve because I've had all of those feelings and it made me want to do something about it. Why is it that most of us are going back to natural? It's taking us years to get our hair back. I want to start to do something now so that women are more aware of what they're doing to their hair and bodies and how harmful it is. When I was in high school I took a 6-week seminar on self love. I wish I could remember the women that ran it but it was a powerful and this video make me think about what these women did for me. It makes me want to do this for other young women. Knowledge is power and we turn to a lot of these trends because we don't know any better. We're ignorant to the harm we're doing.